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New 35mm print! Thanks to Graham Swindoll for the info. LINK>


The above program note is from this year's Telluride Festival. The thing is that there's rumors Criterion might make a edition of Dillinger e Morto, since they already got acquired the US rights. This would be awesome. I have a decent copy, but dubbed and with very low sound. And the soundtrack in this film is crucial.

I share the same excitement with those who posted in the Criterion Forum on being able to see a Ferreri film in stellar quality. One member, Portnoy, said it best:

This (AMAZING) film played at Telluride this weekend - guest director Edith Kramer (curator emeritus of the PFA) chose it, having wanted to program it for decades but never having been able to afford the rights.

How did they do it? Kramer and festival directors Tom Luddy and Gary Meyer convinced Janus/Criterion to purchase the US rights to the film and to strike a print. Based on the rapturous reception the film received (probably the most popular revival of the weekend), there's a strong chance a theatrical run might follow, and then who knows...

For what it's worth, I've never fallen in love with a film so quickly. It's like nothing else I've ever seen - Michel Piccoli spends the movie puttering about aimlessly, and it's the most goddammed enthralling puttering imaginable. As Kramer said in her introduction, pretty much every formal decision in the film is the right one.