The idea of this site is also to create some kind of hub for all people who are intrigued by his work. I'm looking for as many Ferreri films as I can for my research. If you have one, contact me. SuperHappyFun is a fine site to get your hands on some of them. La Cagna (1972), with Mastroianni and Denevue, is next on my list...

If anyone knows other good places to get his films, please post!



Brad Stevens
05/17/2008 04:18

Seems that a box set of Ferreri films is being released by Koch Lorber in August. See:

The specs list a running time of 108 minutes for BYE BYE MONKEY, so perhaps this will be the uncut version: the version previously available on DVD ran only 94 minutes, and eliminated William Berger's character entirely.


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