Another intro on Ferreri I wrote as a pitch to curate a retrospective of his work here in the USA (more on that later...)

Marco Ferreri was one of the most singlar voices of European cinema. Part of the postwar generation that originated Neorrealism and evolved it into the XX century's most important film movements, Ferreri constantly worked with the most notable film artists of his time: actors Marcello Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Michel Piccoli, production designer Dante Ferreti, creating brash and intriguing works that striked "at the exposed nerves of a society that was constantly changing." Namely, Postwar Europe and its struggle towards economic recovery and the political, social, sexual and cultural changes that came with it.  One of the most provocative and whimsical auteurs to work from inside the European film industry (one of his producer include Carlo Ponti, for instance,) Ferreri left a lasting body of work that pointed directly at the future of our western societies, by exploring the evolution of the relationship between man, woman and child in an increasingly fragmented and industrialized world.
-Milenko Skoknic


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